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Hello, World! Mike here. I am the proprietor (fancy word!) of Green Shoe Garage — an embedded electronics design studio and embedded security research group. When I am not tinkering away in the lab you can find me practicing some woodworking or metalworking in the workshop (or local makerspace), dabbling in photography, writing a short story or for the trades, doing some experimental cooking in the kitchen, or surfing the amateur radio frequencies (N1HNP). But most importantly, I get to be a dad to an amazing kid.

Gears of Resistance is the outlet for all the nerdy topics I love.  If you wish to collaborate on any projects  please feel free to email me at [email protected] (PGP Fingerprint: 87C4 CFC9 BF46 9AEA 53C8 2CFF 762F FC60 1DDE 61B6) or we can connect on LinkedIn.

Some of my most recent musings: