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Hello, World! Mike here. I am a Navy veteran and the proprietor of Green Shoe Garage, a pioneering multidisciplinary craftsman workshop that specializes in blending traditional old school techniques with modern digital tools.

For relaxation, you can find me cooking, working out at the Y, hiking some faraway trail, or geocaching. If you’re a fellow ham, listen for N1HNP. I am also a member of the Allegany County Arts Council and enjoy writing, photography, and creating mixed media art. But most importantly, I get to be a dad to an amazing young woman.

If you wish to collaborate on any projects, please feel free to email me at [email protected] (PGP Fingerprint: 8631 BEB1 B3EF B73D 8040 22F3 B0E6 89E8 31FF 79D7). Oh, and if you are getting married and need someone to officiate, I am an ordained heathen with the Universal Life Church. Until then, MAKE it a GREAT day!

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the mbparks creed (WWDLBSW)

Work smart.
Work hard.
Dream big.
Laugh hard.
Be kind.
Share love.
Wipe well.

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