Artist brain. Engineer heart.

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Hello, World! Mike here. I am a Navy veteran and the proprietor of Green Shoe Garage, a pioneering multidisciplinary workshop that specializes in research, development, and rapid prototyping through the unparalleled blending of old-school craftsmanship with modern digital tools. We design, engineer, and fabricate mechanical, electrical and electronic devices to client specifications.

When I am not tinkering around the workshop you can find me working out at the local Y, hiking some faraway trail, or geocaching. If you’re a fellow ham, listen for N1HNP. I am also a member of the Allegany County Arts Council and consider myself an industrial artist that also dabbles in writing, sketching, and photography. But most importantly, I get to be a dad to an amazing young woman.

If you wish to collaborate on any projects, please feel free to email me at [email protected] (PGP Fingerprint: 8631 BEB1 B3EF B73D 8040 22F3 B0E6 89E8 31FF 79D7). Oh, and if you are getting married and need someone to officiate, I am an ordained heathen with the Universal Life Church. Until then, MAKE it a GREAT day!

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the mbparks creed (WWDLBSW)

Work smart.
Work hard.
Dream big.
Laugh hard.
Be kind.
Share love.
Wipe well.

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