fighter of pernicious abstraction.

me = nutshell.insert [ dad. engineer. maker. ethical hacker. artist. author. humanist. ]
est. 1981

Hello, World! Mike here. I am the proprietor of Green Shoe Garage. We do a few things exceptionally well — engineering and design of embedded electronic products, security research, and the creation of scientific and technology education media. When I am not tinkering away in the laboratory you can find me doing some woodworking in the workshop, dabbling in photography, writing, doing some experimental cooking in the kitchen, or surfing the amateur radio frequencies (N1HNP). But most importantly, I get to be a dad to an amazing young woman.

Gears of Resistance is the outlet for all the nerdy topics I love.  If you wish to collaborate on any projects  please feel free to email me at [email protected] (PGP Fingerprint: 87C4 CFC9 BF46 9AEA 53C8 2CFF 762F FC60 1DDE 61B6) or we can connect on LinkedIn. Oh, and if you are getting married and need someone to officiate, I am an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church!

Some of my most recent musings: