Hello, World! My name is Mike and I am a professional engineer and aspiring maker. I run a small business called Green Shoe Garage — a micro-sized electronics design studio and technology consultancy. When I am not tinkering away in the lab you can find me geocaching, doodling, dabbling in photography, playing games, reading, writing, hacking away at my local makerspace, gazing up at the stars or surfing the amateur radio frequencies (N1HNP). In short, lots of projects on the fire.  But most importantly, I get to be a dad to an amazing kid.

I also help to (sporadically) throw together some blogs posts and podcasts over at Gears of Resistance. It offers an eclectic mix of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics news; as well as advocating for STEAM education initiatives and the digital rights of individuals. We also cover open source hardware news, embedded electronics design how-tos, and tips for running a small business powered by open source hardware. If you wish to collaborate on any projects please feel free to email me at mike@greenshoegarage.com or we can connect on LinkedIn or any of these other fabulous websites:

Some of my most recent musings:

  • Homebrewing a Tool Box with LEDs!

    Some times you just want to make stuff with no real practical purpose! Some call it art. I call it fun. I have wanted a toolbox with LEDs inside so it’s easier to find stuff in the dark. So I... The post Homebrewing a Tool Box with LEDs! appeared first on Gears of […]

  • 2016 Bmore Comic Con

    What place does art have in science, technology, engineering and math? And more importantly, what’s this got to do with the 2016 Baltimore Comic Con? The post 2016 Bmore Comic Con appeared first on Gears of Resistance. […]

  • The New Gears of Resistance Beta

    Here’s a sneak peek of the new Gears of Resistance format… The post The New Gears of Resistance Beta appeared first on Gears of Resistance. […]

  • Welcome to the New Gears of Resistance!

    Welcome, welcome old friend! The brand new Gears of Resistance is a combination of the good old GoR plus the STEAM Power Podcast and Mike’s personal blog from over at michaelbparks.com. The goal was to reduce the number of different... The post Welcome to the New Gears of […]

  • Rise of The Purple Collar Worker

    A little background in case you’ve never heard the terms blue collar or white collar jobs. To be a blue collar worker was to hold a job that tended to be more physical labor and less education.  Whereas as white collar... The post Rise of The Purple Collar Worker […]