Hello, World! Mike here. I run Green Shoe Garage — a bespoke product realization studio that takes great pride in blending embedded electronics with classic physical workmanship. When I am not tinkering away in the lab you can find me practicing some woodworking or metalworking in the workshop (or local makerspace), dabbling in photography and doodling, doing some experimental cooking in the kitchen, or surfing the amateur radio frequencies (N1HNP). But most importantly, I get to be a dad to an amazing kid.

Gears of Resistance is my outlet for all things I find interesting. From open source product design, OSHW, and FOSS to STEAM, DIY/Maker Movement, citizen science, digital citizenship, cyber-physical security, and ethical hacking.  If you wish to collaborate on any projects  please feel free to email me at [email protected] (PGP Fingerprint: 87C4 CFC9 BF46 9AEA 53C8 2CFF 762F FC60 1DDE 61B6) or we can connect on LinkedIn or Upwork.

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Some of my most recent musings:

  • Primer on Embedded Side Channel Attacks

    “Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.” Sun-Tzu, Art of War For much of the history of embedded systems, many product designers and engineers have had the luxury of building rather closed loop systems with little to no interaction with […]

  • Arduino Graduates, Enters the Professional World

    The humble Arduino embedded development platform marked it’s 15th year of existence recently. Ever since the original RS-232 serial port-based Arduino became a reality, the companies behind the platform have made steady progress in improving the capabilities with each new […]

  • GoR 84: Return of the Geek

    Gears of Resistance #84 for April 21, 2018 http://greenshoegarage.com/podcast/GOR/2018/GOR_0084_21APR18.mp3 This week we cover: IoT and Cybersecurity FTC Lets You Fix Your Stuff Without Voiding Your Warranty Ultrasonic Hacking Google AIY Let’s You Play With Neural Networks […]

  • We’re Not Dead Yet!

    The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated!  But….. We have sunset STEAM Power Podcast, or rather it will be subsumed into Gears of Resistance as a segment on that show.  In short, life got nuts and I needed to consolidate to stay sane. Also, I was getting […]

  • Weekly STEAM and Maker Digest #6

    Dubai tests a passenger drone for its flying taxi service Dubai was serious when it said it wants to be first in the world to offer a flying taxi service . That’s why on Monday, it staged a maiden test flight for one… […]