Hello, World! My name is Mike. I work for a small business called Green Shoe Garage — a boutique product realization studio that specializes in blending embedded electronics with classic physical design. When I am not tinkering away in the lab or workshop you can find me geocaching, dabbling in photography, playing games, hacking away at my local makerspace, or surfing the amateur radio frequencies (N1HNP). But most importantly, I get to be a dad to an amazing kid.

I also help to (sporadically) throw together some blogs and podcasts over at Gears of Resistance. It offers an eclectic mix of news and how-to’s about all things STEAM and DIY. If you wish to collaborate on any projects please feel free to email me at mike@greenshoegarage.com or we can connect on LinkedIn or any of these other fabulous websites:


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Some of my most recent musings:

  • SPP 81: Poopin’ in Space and Star Trek Society

    S.T.E.A.M. Power Podcast #81 for April 22, 2017 http://greenshoegarage.com/podcast/SPP/2017/STEAM_0081_22APR17.mp3 This week we cover: NASA Poop In Space Design Winners Congress Sells Out Your Internet Privacy Society in the Post AI/Robot Revolution Should Artists Be Able […]

  • GoR 26: OtherMill and Eagle for PCB Milling

    Gears of Resistance Episode 26 for April 22, 2017 This week we talk about the workflow for taking an Eagle PCB board file and using the OtherMill Pro to make a circuit board.  We also visit our brand new Hobby Lobby.  Links for the things we talk about are below: […]

  • #DIY Vacuum Chamber

      Spent the previous weekend building the above DIY vacuum chamber.  Pretty straightforward to build and lots of good YouTube videos out there to do just that.  What was lacking was a good list of the pipe fitting people used.  Trust when when I say it is not […]

  • GoR 25: Podcast Studio in a Box

    Gears of Resistance Episode 25 for February 24, 2017 For more tech news and how-to’s follow along on Google+ and check out our YouTube Channel. Music is “Computer Control” by Tom Woxom, available at http://freemusicarchive.org/ CC: […]

  • SPP 80: Abstract Walls and Acid Powered Robots

    S.T.E.A.M. Power Podcast #80 for February 12, 2017 http://greenshoegarage.com/podcast/SPP/2017/STEAM_0080_12FEB17.mp3 This week we cover: Abstract: Art of Design on Netflix Drug to Regenerate Teeth (just like Doctor Who!) NASA Makes a Computer Chip that can Survive Venus […]